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Getting Started
Getting Started: Some Common Cooling Down Routines To Follow, Exercise Alternatives To...
In The Gym
In The Gym: Considerations For Pregnant Women in The Gym, Benefits of Treadmills,...
Instructors: Hiring a Personal Trainer, Building A Good Relationship With Your...
Popular Classes
Popular Classes: All About Step Aerobics, Hi-Energy & Cardio, Joining a Pilates...
Targeting Specific Areas
Targeting Specific Areas: Targeting Your Hip Area, Upper Body and Chest,...
The Fun Factor
The Fun Factor: Take a Hike - European Walking Holidays, Tone Ups While You Garden,...
Latest Comments
  • Helloyou
    Re: Toning Tables - Pros & Cons
    Iam in the UK would what i pay for a session on a toning table. Thank you
    8 September 2020
  • Rett rett
    Re: Toning Tables - Pros & Cons
    Hi I'm looking for a place that has toning tables in my area I live in Dallas Ga
    24 February 2020
  • Chelito
    Re: Toning Tables - Pros & Cons
    Deseo saber dónde puedo conseguir las camas para poner un negocio de gimnasia pasiva , vivo en León gto México
    5 February 2020
  • Crystaltips
    Re: Circuit Training for The Over 50s
    Why when I search for circuits or exercise classes for the over 50s are they sedentary ones !! I am an active very many…
    1 June 2019
  • M M Morris
    Re: Toning Tables - Pros & Cons
    Hi, me and my mum are considering joining a toning centre to use toning tables as we both have health conditions. We both have…
    29 November 2018
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